12/24/2017  a24

Registration pack all 16 pages

Patient Forms and Tools

Map to Quest

Dr. C's Forms

Agenda (2 sides).doc


1 Page Intake (Agenda).pdf

HIPAA Notice/Forms:

notice (2 pages)  .pdf    .doc

A (receipt)  .pdf    .doc

B (release, family)

 .pdf    .doc

C (marketing)  .pdf    .doc

Patient Medication Order Form.docx

Testimonial forms:   f_testimonial_b*.doc  


Appointment Pages.docx

Initial  Phone Intake.docx

Patient Supplement Order Form.docx

Visit Log.docx

Cash Log.docx

Lab Bill Process

Phone Messages Log.docx

Voice Mail Messages Log.docx

Clinic Visit Log.docx (patients seen during week)

Labels Page

Phone Release

.pdf    .docx

Wait List.docx



 f_ledg*.doc   f_ledg*.pdf

Symptom Log Hourly:  f_sym_h.doc    f_sym_h.pdf

Visit 1 prep

Visit 2 prep

Visit 3 prep



Symptom Log Monthly:  f_sym_m.doc    f_sym_g.pdf

Visit 4 prep

Visit 5 prep

Visit 6 prep




Yoga Registration & Release.pdf