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Educational Slides

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Slides 2000

Neurotransmitter Hexagon


Acupuncture Meridians

  1    2

Cholesterol Strategies*

Lyme Guideline Comparison

Periodic Tables      1    2

Adrenal Cortisol Products*

Cholesterol: Sterol Response

Medical Yoga Article

Probiotic Analysis

Adrenal Phases

Dairy Spectrum Diagram

Metabolism (Weight) Products

Smoothie Recipe*

Adrenal-Brain Model*

Degeneration vs Regeneration

Model: Diagnosis vs Treatment*

Sterol Hormone Pathway

Allopathic Comparison

Essential Fatty Acids



Arthritis Product Analysis

Heavy Metals: Affinities

Model: Dimensions of Health

Stomach Acid (B)

Awareness Realms

Heavy Metals: Cases

Model: Progression of Disease

Thyroid-T3 Model*


Heavy Metals & Essential Minerals: pre-post slideshow with overlays

Model: Root Causes vs Symptoms

Viral Proteins in Humans

Part  1 (2mb)    Part 2 (2mb) 

Bone Improved

without Fosamax

Heavy Metals:

Pre-Post Challenge

Model: West vs East

Vitamin D Optimal Levels


Heavy Metals: MIC

Neurotransmitter Hexagon


Carpal Tunnel Pack

Heavy Metals: Protocols

Non Face-to-Face Encounters

Walmart Generics

Carpal Tunnel Repair

Holographic Model

Organic Produce (Green for Life)

Water Test

Chakras    1    2    3

Leaky Gut Labs

Organic Article

Weight Loss Resistance

Child Dietary Recommendations

Leaky Gut Syndrome Diagram

Patti with Smoothie

Whales and Toxins


Low Carb Diets

Perceptual Mind Model

Yeast Algorithm



POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants)  pdf 1

Yeast Rx Strategies*



POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants)  pdf 2